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finder. A cigarette in the left hand when it should be in the right, a prematurely melted ice cube in a half-empty glass of...
Meredith is a continuity girl. Her job is to make sure that the details in every scene on a film shoot are consistent. She is the error catcher. The needle- n-the-haystack
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A young Canadian girl struggles to decipher the ways of the English – especially the men – when she comes to London to take up a junior position at the London Post.
Directed by Philip John
Meredith Caplan
Produced by Julia Stannard,
Liane Balaban as Amy Pearce
Sally Phillips as Jemima Green
Andrew Buchan as Billy Marshall
Daisy Haggard as Poppy Young
Adam Rayner as Edward Walpole
Abroad | TV Movie

Written by Leah McLaren
CBC Television
8 pm EST
March 14th, 2010

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